Payment Overview

Happy with our quote? Follow these steps to get started....

1. Register With GoCardless

In order for us to start your window cleaning service and confirm a first clean date, a payment collection facility must be in place for your account.

Click the below button "Register with GoCardless" to be redirected to the GoCardless website and fill in our custom form.

After each visit we can then request payment from your bank. Unlike a direct debit where collection is scheduled on a certain day of the month, payment is taken 'on-demand' after and only when we've been.

2. Text/Whatsapp Us Your Name, Frequency & Price

Please send us your full name, mobile number and the quoted price & frequency required (including first clean price if different) (We can get your postal and email address from your GoCardless registration.)

We will then set you up on cleaner planner, sync your account with GoCardless, assign you to a round and confirm your first clean date!

  • Why GoCardless?
  • £ FREE
  • No hassle collection of recurring payments from your bank
  • No contract, cancel anytime
  • Register once and we will do the rest
  • Email notifications when money is requested and being processed
  • Remain in control with ability to stop payments (approx 3-5 days grace)ays
  • 1% collection charge is absorbed by us
  • No uncomfortable conversations about outstanding payments
  • Never worry about leaving cash out or have the inconvenience of us collecting cash on your door
  • The safest way to pay. GoCardless uses military-grade security, storing all bank details with RSA encryption and only ever communicates through secure channels
  • Register with GoCardless