Got A Question?
We've answered some common questions about our service below but if you would like further clarification please just ask!

Service Delivery

How often would you clean our windows?
We operate a 4 weekly cycle on all our domestic rounds which is our most popular frequency.

We also offer an 8 weekly service which attract a 25% surcharge due to the windows being dirtier and the extra administrative overhead. It is important that your service is affordable so we try to find a frequency and price to suit your budget. Some clients are on a 12 weekly.

How do we know when you are coming? Do you come on the same of the week or day of the month?
We always text the night before to confirm exactly on what day we will be coming. This could fall on any day of the week and the date of the month will vary slightly. This is because although rare mechanical breakdown, sickness or holidays all impact the schedule. As there is no need for you to be home during our visit we do not offer a service that comes only on a specific day of the week. Our 4 weekly service operates every 28 days therefore you can expect us 28 days after our last visit or very soon after.
Access to the rear of my property is via a locked gate. Can you climb over?
No. We send a local text (3.6p) the night before requesting you leave the gate unlocked for the day. Alternatively you can supply us with a gate key with a tag on it labelled with your surname. We store this in our vehicle and use it during our visit. Please note we are not insured for climbing over gates or damage that may result.
What happens if we are away or forget to unlock the gate?
You should let us know by text so we can adjust the daily plan. In this scenario we will clean the accessible windows and pro-rata the charge accordingly. We also add a 20% discretionary surcharge to cover our costs. Many competitors clean what is accessible and charge the full agreed price (if you forget to leave your rubbish bin out you don't expect a discount on your council tax) so we believe this is a fair approach as we can all forget! Typically it is not possible to return the next day as we will likely be in another area and your property needs to be kept in sync with everyone else on the round. That said on occasion it may be possible to shift you to the next day where we are working in the same area. So please do keep communicating with us.
Does the weather impact your service especially in the winter?
Yes it can do however the pure water method is far less impacted by the weather than the traditional method on a ladder. Only temperatures below zero, very high winds and heavy rain that's set in all day would delay our services. Please note we do operate in light rain as rain water is relatively pure <10tds and once dry is invisible to the eye. Provided all the dirt is removed and then sufficiently rinsed with pure water (0 tds) the result on drying is still excellent. Please note we do not offer a 'sunshine' only service as that level of request would attract a far higher charge. Regardless of the weather we operate in your result is still guaranteed.
Do you clean Velux windows or skylights?
Yes we operate up to 30ft and can reach most roof skylights in modern properties built today. Due to the physical and financial costs of reaching these type of windows they are charged at a higher rate. It should be noted that because the water fed pole and brush we use is very lightweight and the only downwards pressure on the brush is from gravity, it can struggle to completely remove baked on bird mess. The service guarantee therefore excludes skylights but we will do our very best to deliver a good result. Many competitors do not operate at these heights due to the costs involved.
I may have dog fouling in my garden when you visit. Is this a problem?
Yes. Whilst we love animals any animal fouling in the access areas of your property is likely to cause an obstruction for our hoses and render us unable to clean certain windows.

Any fouling on the hoses has to be disinfected and if unnoticed winding soiled hoses back at high speed into the van (using our electric reels) creates a very real problem! Checking our footing to avoid fouling whilst operating a 30 foot pole also creates a significant risk to both the operator and potentially your property.

Do you offer one off window cleaning services for domestic properties?
No. Rather our focus is on clients that care about their home and require cleaning all year round. Other suppliers may do and typically charge 2-3 times the price of a 4 weekly charge. Under that arrangement your windows and frames are dirty most of the year and therefore we believe it is not the most economical way to look after your windows.
Can I skip a clean?

Your charge has been calculated on an undocumented number of cleans per year. For example a 4 weekly service would expect 13 cleans per year (52weeks/4). The more frequent the clean the lower the price. If you find yourself wanting to often skip cleans then you would be on the wrong frequency/pricing plan and your service would need to be reviewed. Please note wet weather or not being home to unlock your gate would not be valid reasons to skip a clean. If however you are on holiday then you can skip a clean no problem. We do request at least 12 hours notice so we can reallocate your slot.

Financial Management

Do you charge a first clean charge with your services?
We typically charge a set up fee of £5. Sometimes the first clean price will also be uplifted depending on the condition of your windows and frames. If you have glue, paint or plaster on your glass a traditional clean on a ladder would be required. We may also recommend running a upvc cleaner through your frames and glass on the first clean to reverse any neglect. In these cases charging 2 or 3 times your first clean price can be typical.
Why cant I just pay cash rather than set up a payment arrangement with GoCardless?
The primary reason is the overhead in collecting debts owed and account reconciliation. Most clients will not be home during our visit and typically an evening or Saturday morning would be spent attempting to collect. This can build up a debt book with clients falling several cleans behind in arrears. Bank transfer solved this problem to a degree but the effort is placed on the client. Repeating account checks and issuing reminders for payment can be a timeconsuming headache. GoCardless solved these problems and most professional window cleaning companies use this payment processing provider. Cash collection also slows down the round with door knocking, finding change, checking arrears all taking time with a second operator sitting idle in the van.