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GoCardless Window Cleaning Payment Method – Help My window cleaner has asked me to pay by direct debit!!!

Window cleaning payment
Direct debit processing partner for window cleaners

GoCardless Window Cleaning Payment Method – Help My window cleaner has asked me to pay by direct debit!!!

So your window cleaner has just arrived to collect his money from cleaning your windows earlier in the week. He announces that this is the last time he will be collecting and you need to register your bank details with GoCardless so he can collect from your bank.

Sharing your bank details with anyone may cause you to think twice but your window cleaner?

Who are GoCardless anyway??

GoCardless For Window Cleaning Payment Overview

A look on their website provides reassurance.

GoCardless currently process around £3 billion worth of transactions for over 30,000 organisations across the UK and Europe. With many small businesses as well as household names such as Thomas Cook, TripAdvisor and the Guardian already using GoCardless, they provide a range of Direct Debit schemes across the UK and Europe. GoCardless are already well established in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Spain.
GoCardless are London-based, and are backed by some of the world’s leading investors including Balderton Capital, Accel Partners, Notion Capital, Passion Capital and Y Combinator.

So clearly this is no scam.

GoCardless allow your window cleaning to collect from your bank using direct debit

A quick google search for ‘gocardless window cleaning payment’ pulls up many other reputable window cleaners using GoCardless like , & ppcwindowcleaners

Professional window cleaners store and manage customers data in software such as cleanerplanner and they have a blog article on their website that explains why why window cleaners use gocardless

Furthermore your window cleaner never gets visibility of your bank details. Any fraudulent transactions are also covered by the direct debit guarantee.

GoCardless have the below video on their website that helps window cleaners explain GoCardless to their customers.

Why Agree to using GoCardless for Window Cleaning Payments?

Here are six benefits by paying with GoCardless

  1. Online paper trail of all payments so there are never any discrepancy’s. You can be sure you’re not getting over-charged or paying for a job that was never done
  2. Email notifications when money is being processed
  3. Never worry about leaving cash out or have the inconvenience of us collecting cash on your door
  4. 1% collection charge is absorbed by your window cleaning company
  5. No uncomfortable conversations about outstanding payments
  6. The safest way to pay. GoCardless uses military-grade security, storing all bank details with RSA encryption and only ever communicates through secure channels
  7. You need only remember to leave your gate open for our visit to enjoy a consistently, reliable service

Find out more about GoCardless on their website here –

How Do You Set Up GoCardless Direct Debit for My Window Cleaning Service?

Every window cleaning company will have a window cleaning payment page. 

Locate & click their Pay With GoCardless button…

You then simply enter your name, address, bank details and that’s it you are set up!

Your window cleaning company will then collect payment from your bank after they have cleaned your windows. Unlike a gym membership there is no payment plan. The weather and other factors may alter a window cleaning service so typically payment is taken on demand.


Whilst there may initially be concern about agreeing to pay in this manner, it’s increasingly accepted. For professional window cleaning companies It’s now a part of their sign up process.

Paying by GoCardless is the simplest way to pay for regular window cleans. GoCardless is an industry leader in managing direct debit payments and are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, for the provision of payment services.




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